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Newest Woman Bags Handmade Genuine Leather Ladies Bag

Newest Woman Bags Handmade Genuine Leather Ladies Bag 

❤the handbag is made of our soft, first layer of leather. Wear it in your hand or on the shoulder with the elegant shoulder strap. The soft leather makes it particularly comfortable to handle. The wild scar that it exposes over its entire surface testifies to its authenticity.

❤100% genuine leather - Genuine leather lasts and looks good for a long time - it does not wear as much as fake leather. The material also remains beautiful in rain, snow, cold or heat. The handbag is therefore an absolute must for all fashion-conscious women.

❤Good with storage - This Handbag in Genuine Leather ™ has many compartments for storage with zippers. Do not worry about pickpockets either - the bag has a strong and secure closure.

❤Fits all outfits - Whether you have an outfit for a party, for work or to take a trip to town - this handbag suits all situations.

❤ Latest fashion - With a design based on the latest fashion trends from London, Paris and Milan. The bag is not only practical but also very trendy.

❤Material: Leather (100% genuine cow leather)

❤Dimensions: 22 x 12 x 6 cm
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