Hot Retro Fashion Trends To Love For Summer

What's trending in Womens Fashion 2021? They say that style repeats itself and most certainly that is true and it's always exciting to reveal the adaptions of the past into new and relevant trends of today.

First let's look at the influence of the Regency era; a most suitable choice given the immense popularity of the television adaption of Julia Quinn's romance novels 'Bridgerton', produced by Shonda Rhimes and Chris Van Dusen. 

This style brings us the flattering empire waist line (drapes from under the bust), accompanied by lace and ruffle details. The remake of the vintage styles blends today's modern hem lengths and fabrics with a subtle nuance of the past A-Line form. Chiffon dominates the material choice for dresses and blouses, giving incredible softness against the skin and beautiful fluidity to the dresses. 


Floral Chiffon Dress.  

The 1980's shoulder pads on womens tops blazers and dresses has also returned, although not nearly as thick and as dominating as the 80's interpretation. This season the should pads add a touch of bold strength but do not eclipse the overall impression. 


Black Midi Dress Padded Shoulders     

As for prints, the 2021 womens fashion season presents larger floral prints as well as leopard print in traditional tan and black, as well as soft pastel backgrounds.